Terms of Services

1. The first party must send a letter of demand to the second party outlining the number of employees needed, their pay rate, and other services.

2. In order to import, hire, and provide the workers in accordance with the laws of both countries regarding the prerequisites for import and supply, both parties herein shall seek the respective government’s approval. This contract will be ruled null and void if there is any inconsistency between a government regulation and its terms.

3. The first party shall deliver the government authority’s Visa/NOC work permits for the employees, together with any other pertinent paperwork that may be required. The first party shall be liable for the recruitment process in the event that a visa cannot be insured due to any changes in governmental policy.

4. The worker’s monthly pay shall be in accordance with the attached Demand Letter, as shown next to each category.

5. In order to be appointed by Employer of the Concerted Government, all workers proposed for the first party must be examined by a Nepalese doctor employed by the Employer of the (G.C.C.). The candidates must have an up-to-date certificate of fitness covering conditions including AIDS, TB, infectious disorders, and other illnesses. The second party will submit the original medical document and a copy of their passport.

6. Depending on the duration of the relevant country’s visa, the First Party will be in charge of partially and fully greeting the employees at the airport.

7. The second party is the worker supplier and is in charge of hiring workers from Nepal in accordance with the terms of the trade. They may also invite the first party or its authorized representative to hire workers within the allotted time frame, which cannot exceed 45 days after receiving the visa advice and other related documents.

8. In accordance with the labor laws of the relevant nation, the First Party commits to pay compensation in the event that a worker dies or is injured, as well as the costs associated with transporting the deceased to Nepal.

9. All employees will be given a three-month trial period; if, after this time, any employee is deemed to be unfit or inappropriate for the position, they may be fired and repatriated at their own expense; the Second Party will bear the expense.

10. A representative of the employer will interview and test the employees.

11. The second party will help the workers with the necessary immigration paperwork, medical exams, visa stamping from the appropriate embassy, and other pertinent issues.

12. The First Party guarantees to give the employees free housing in bachelor apartments, free meals, and other essentials like medical and insurance coverage.

13. The First Party undertakes to engage into an arrangement with the Second Party to provide Nepalese laborers of various skill levels, including skilled, semiskilled, and unskilled laborers. The First Party will specify the number and qualification of these laborers through task orders.

14. The First Party agrees to notify the Second Party of its personnel requirements from Nepal through cable, telex, or letter, stating people requirements, each employee’s job description, salary, and other terms and conditions, as well as the intended mobilization date at the site.

15. The Second Party is in charge of identifying eligible candidates who meet the conditions of the First Party as announced under article 2 above. The qualifying applicants who have been shortlisted and are prepared for the final interview and selection are informed to the first party by the second party. The first party is free to send representatives or to grant the second party the opportunity to select and send such qualified workers in exchange for complete assurance from the second party.

16. Agency Fees: The First Party is not responsible for covering any charges or hiring fees. Candidates who are repatriated before the three-month probationary period are entitled to the first PTA Air Tickets payment from the Second Party. Upon expiration of the initial two-year contract, the First Party is responsible for covering the cost of the return flight.