Document Required for Demand

Although the documents needed differ from one nation to the next, they are all necessary to complete the processes set forth by the Government of Nepal.
Demand letter: 
Addressed to Bhugol Overseas PVT. LTD. lists the number of employees or personnel needed in each category, along with the monthly wages, duration of the contract, duty hours, food, lodging, medical services, insurance, air travel, and other benefits and perks for the employees or personnel.

Authority of Attorney:

Authorizing MIS Bhugol Overseas PVT. LTD., to hire Nepalese workers and complete all necessary procedures, including arranging interviews, trade tests, and signing all necessary documents and employment contracts required by the laws of the Government of Nepal to obtain passports, visa endorsements from the appropriate embassies, and arrange for the workers’/personnel’s passage to the country of employment.

Letter of Authority:

Sent to the Consulate General of the relevant Embassies, notifying them that M/S Bhugol Overseas PVT. LTD. is the duly appointed and legitimate manpower recruiting agent in Nepal, fully authorized to handle all visa matters, including submission and delivery to the relevant Embassy and referencing the visa number, day of issue, etc. in the letter.

Inter-Party Agreement:

Employer and M/5 Bhugol Overseas  PVT, LTD Inter-Party Agreement.

Employment Contract:
Addressed to M/5 Bhugol Overseas PVT. LTD. should sign an employment agreement outlining all of the terms and conditions regarding the supply and demand of Nepalese labor. Both parties must sign this agreement in order for the specified terms to be carried out and the hiring process to proceed.

Guarantee letter:
A guarantee from the employer firm indicating that the employee(s) will only work in the nation where they are employed.

Note: The Inter-Party Agreement/Employment Agreement/Guarantee Letter must be attested by the Nepalese Embassy, and the Demand Letter/Power of Attorney must be properly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce before being attested by the Nepalese embassy present in the country of employment.