K KDN Approval
Translation of KDN Attestation by MOFA and Demand letter attested by JTK (Malaysia)
Demand Letter set Submission in the embassy of Nepal in Malaysia
Received of the Attested document via courier
DOFE Pre-Approval ( Nepal )
Advertisement in National Daily Newspaper
Sourcing Candidates
Pre-Selection by us and 7 state Marketing Executive
Final Interview by Employer/CV Selection
Bio-Metric Medical Test
ISC Test
Document of Medically Fit-ISC Test clear to be forwarded to the employer
Receipt of Calling visa from Employer
Visa Endorsement at the Embassy of Malaysia in Nepal
Bank Account/Orientation/Insurance to be done for related workers
Final Approval from the Foreign Employment Department
Request PTA Ticket to the Employer for ready-to-deploy workers
Pre-Departure Briefing to all candidates done 5 days before Departure.
Provide Deployment Notification to Employer 3 days in advance
Departure from Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) Airport